Year in Review on Clutch for 2021 for SEO After Coffee. Most businesses are shifting their enterprise online to reach a vast audience and boost revenue. Unfortunately, the competition is tough, and it is not easy to climb the ladder. However, SEO After Coffee has got your back. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone wanting to compete in the big online world.

In 2020, the team for Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Dr. Jo Jorgensen, chose us to perform SEO and webmaster duties for the Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Dr. Jo Jorgensen. It is such an honor for us to be part of something big. Today, we would like to appreciate our clients by sharing with you our Clutch Year In Review for 2021. For context, Clutch is B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC.

SEO After Coffee is a 5-star partner in Clutch, which means that we’ve only received excellent 5-star rated reviews from our clients in the last year. This is huge news to us as this validates our commitment and expertise to every project we tackle.

Additionally, one of the essential metrics in Clutch’s Year In Review is the NPS score — this refers to a client’s willingness to recommend a service provider to their friends and colleagues. It is truly heartwarming to see our clients give us a 100% NPS rating.

One of the achievements we had in 2021 was being highlighted on Clutch as a leading SEO company in Greenville. Out of the numerous SEO companies in our area, we’ve been ranked second for 2021.

“Thanks to all that has helped me get this Award. Let’s Get Ranked.” – Larry Miller, Owner, SEO After Coffee

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who became a part of our journey over the years. We couldn’t have made it without your support. We’ve been helping businesses grow since 2011. Get in touch with us.

Blog Article by: Clutch | All Rights Reserved | Jan 2022