Why should I pay for SEO: Season Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered the bedrock of a good website, it is important for your web site to be seen on top search engines on the internet like Google, Bing, etc.

After you have designed or a website company has set up your website, you will start showing it off to your family and other business owners. Someone may then ask you what page on Google does your website rank? You might proudly tell them if you type in our company name, we are on the first page! 

Chances are if they type in your company name it is going to appear on Google’s first page. What if they don’t know your company name?

What happens when your friend grabs his phone and searches “Landscaping in Harker Heights”, After 12 pages, he sees your website 11 pages behind your major competitors, what are you going to do about that? You’re not going to get much business off the internet with your website like this, you need to call an SEO expert.

Why You Need An SEO Expert

After seeing the page your website is placed on Google, you might be devastated and frustrated at the same time, you begin to wonder in thoughts, “How do I get my website to page 1?”  

This is when you need to contact an SEO expert like us, we’ll help you set up your website with the following:

A popular question is how long is this going to take and how much? What are you talking about when you mention Keywords, Optimize my Images, Content and Backlinks? 

Five to Nine months is what Google says it takes to get most websites on the 1st page. This can depend on the industry, how much competition you have in the area, keyword power, and more.

Why Pay for SEO? Let’s Do The Calculation

Let’s say you pay $200 per month, SEO will cost you approximately $1000-$1800 for four to six months. This will help you rank hopefully on the 1st page. Then you’ll need to keep things up after you hit that first page and stay there.

Bottom Line 

Let me think, well i do pay four times a year (avg. Coupon Mailer is $2200.00 per quarter) to have my business sent to potential clients. Therefore, it will pay for itself with one or two new clients. Of course if I’m allowing potential clients to find me by searching the internet 24/7 I may get more calls. That coupon has been thrown in the trash can within 3 days average. Or they may of not received it at all. Take a look at old school marketing when you paid $150 – $300 per month to be listed and seen in the Yellow Pages.