You have launched a new website, written high quality and engaging content, and you are ready for inundation of traffic to start engaging and eventually get a high stream of conversion. Everything apparently looks perfect on paper, but in practice, your website is not ranking for any keywords. On the other hand, the websites of your competitors are ranking higher in Search Engine Results Pages. Why your website is not ranking higher on Google? We are going to find out together why they are ranking higher.

Why Is Someone Ranked Higher Than Me?

There are several reasons behind the low-ranking of your website. That’s why your competitors rank higher on the first page of Google.

Poor on-page optimization

On-page optimization determines relevance, while poor on-page leads to low search engine ranking. The page keywords, titles, description and <H> tags are the key elements that help to optimize the page itself. This determines the relevancy and show it in the search results. On the contrary, if your website has strong backlinks and content has target keywords, but still, your website is not appeared in the search results, it is because of poor on-page optimization.

Thin content

Google’s algorithm is designed to show helpful and relevant results for any query or keyword. The recent reports suggest that the top-ranked web pages for targeted keywords have over 2,000 words of high-quality content. In 2011, Google updated the Panda algorithm, and plenty of websites suffered a lot regarding search authority. So, focusing on creating the best user experience can also help you rank well. If your competitor’s site is ranked higher than yours, it’s because you are not using unique and thick content. So, expand the length of your website’s content and share more detailed articles. For instance, if you are posting 500 words article, start thickening up your content by posting 2000 words or more article like your competitors are doing. This way, you can beat them in quality, detail and detail.

Your competitors optimized their on-page website’s content and created high-quality content in your niche. If you target the keywords with little then you can get rank your page to the first page of a search engine with the help of on-page SEO. For targeted competitive keywords, you will need a great mix of great links and high-quality content to achieve top-five ranking on the first page. If your website is ranking despite the unique content and good on-page SEO than your competitors, then it perhaps doesn’t have enough links.

Though competition

If you choose the competitive targeted keywords, then it will be difficult for you to rank on the first page. The most common reason to fail to place higher on Google is that websites usually target competitive targeted keywords. All you need to be aware of the competition for your targeted keywords. When you are competing for the top-ranking position against your competitors, every extra link they have is one you’ll need to improve on.

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