An SEO consultant can beef up the ranking of one’s business website
with the employment of effective SEO techniques. Optimization of a particular website is the key to having a maximum number of hits. Also, it supplements the visibility of the website. Resultantly, a high-ranking website means more traffic and a higher rate of sales. To achieve top rankings, efficacious and effectual optimization techniques have to be adopted and sometimes carefully planned. Also planning plays a vital role in acquiring ranking goals. Here’s what makes a website SEO-friendly. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Responsive Web Design

Pages with Responsive Web Design can adjust their appearances and functions depending on the devices and browsers used to access them. Notice how a website changes when you tilt your smartphone or tablet horizontally? That’s Responsive Web Design at work. Every device processes code differently. Responsive Web Design allows you to deliver consistent results whether your customer is on an iPhone, Android, desktop browser, or tablet. Not only does this result in better feedback, but it also makes your website easier to manage.

Use Robots.txt

If your website has some pages that you don’t crawl in order to not spend your entire crawl budget, then using robots.txt can be a great option. It is a text file that tells the search engines’ bots which pages on your website to crawl and which pages not to crawl. If you have decided to reconstruct your website, don’t forget to update the robots.txt file.

Focus on internal linking

The internal linking lets your visitors navigate easily, provides more relevant reading options that help to build your page authority. More, the reader will most likely stay on your site longer.

Optimize your images

The images always captivate the attention of the readers, and this is why you need to be very shrewd while inserting images. If you are copying the images from Google or any other source, make sure that you are doing editing in the image. (Also, make sure you are using Public Domain images and not breaking any copyright rules) At the same time, the name of the image is also significant from the SEO point of view, and you must name them through a combination of keywords to make your pages easily searchable. 

Use your keywords cleverly:

 Keywords are some of the most important words that describe your content. It is vital for you to place all the keywords in a strategic manner throughout the entire page of the website. Some places where you can insert the keywords are the URL, the title tag, and the main heading tags. Although the keywords should also be placed in the middle of the content, in the body of the content, you need not place them too often as this might cause keyword stuffing. (A search engine no-no).

Faster Loading Time

Websites that can adjust to different platforms experience fewer complications when loading. Because customers are extremely sensitive to speed and performance, this puts you over the top and allows for better conversion and more leads. (Load speed is very crucial!)

Last Thought on What makes a website SEO Friendly?

All the features that make a site SEO-friendly help the search engine robots understand what your site is all about. This helps your site to achieve a higher ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPS). Moreover, an SEO-friendly website helps you get more organic traffic from search engines.

SEO Website Friendly

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