What does Organic Search mean?

Organic search a.k.a. natural search refers to the unpaid search results. On the contrary, paid search or PPC (pay-per-click ads) are populated through the auction system. Results are based on the number of organic factors that include domain authority, user’s search query, link building, and others. Organic traffic is obtained when a website appears in the search results that users perform on Google, Baidu, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, or Ask.com.

Organic traffic is unpaid, which makes it more lucrative for website owners. By publishing quality and relevant content, it will be easy to increase your visibility. This way, you can also acquire new visitors to your site regularly. 

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Why Does It Matters?

Now that you know what organic search and what organic factors mean, let’s talk about why organic search matters a lot. If you are a business and want to grow it in no time, obviously you need to reach the people who are not familiar with your brand and market your services and products. Your existing customer base can be valuable for you if you are going to launch a repeat business. Moreover, it helps you reach a whole new audience and make your business skyrocket in record time.

The website that steadily shares content optimized for search will not only see a higher ranking in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) but also a constant increase in organic search. 

There are plenty of ways that you may use to increase your visibility:

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