As always, I will start by saying I’m not a writer, not an English Language Major, and my punctuation stinks, but I do like to write about things that may help or alert people using the world wide web. Google My Business is my newest blog. Thank you for stopping by.

Google My Business is one of the first things you can set up after getting your website. It is not hard, but there are certain things to do correctly. You will need a Google account or Gmail account to set up GMB.

For This Blog I’m only going to be discussing NAP.

First, make sure the phone number you have is the one you are going to use for the business. I know this sounds crazy, but a lot of business owners go and change their numbers for a variety of reasons. If you have had extensive SEO done, it will be a cost to go into every place on the web your phone number is mentioned and change it. Yes, the address is the same way.Do you have the address your business is going to located (lease signed and completed), have you decided to work from your home which a lot of service businesses (especially like mine) are doing now. Do you want a customer to visit the location or not? I have found that people not showing their home office addresses have no problem at ranking on the first page, so don’t sweat or make a big deal out of that question.

GMB Diagram Screen

When you put in your address, make sure it is 100% correct. You can check with the USPS for the exact address of your location.

You have now set up what google calls “NAP” Name, Address, Telephone part of your Google My Business listing. Write down your NAP and save it somewhere you can find it. You or your SEO company is going to need this information when starting SEO Marketing.

What’s next for Google My Business?

The next thing you want to do is fill out the profile, hours, category, description, etc. about your business. Pictures are great to add. (This will be in an upcoming blog.) An SEO Firm may go in and optimize some things for ranking purposes, but at least you will have it filled out and showing up on google maps.

Wait a few days, and then check for your company on Google Maps.
Don’t get upset if you don’t see yourself on the top 3. In SEO, that is called the 3-pack, which takes some work to get ranked there. You may never see your business in the 3-pack, depending on lots of factors. That is why I never use the word “Guarantee” when it comes to ranking in the 3-pack. Be careful of SEO firms that use the word “Guarantee”!

Larry O Miller, Owner of SEO After Coffee, Greenville SC 29601