On-Site Optimization: The Meta descriptions and title tags are probably the first things that people read about your website in Google’s search results. They usually read the Meta description before reading your blog. Not only this, the title tags and descriptions play a crucial role in determining how Google will rank your website. That’s why it is important to use relevant keywords in these tags and descriptions. It may help your website in the related searches every time people are looking researching the products, topics, and services your website provides. When it comes to on-site optimization, these factors can magically boost your overall ranking in search engines. Let’s find out together what are title tags and Meta descriptions!

What are the title Tags?

It is the title of your web page that sums up the content found on one page. A title tag will appear in 3 main places including SERP (search engine results pages), browsers, and external websites such as Twitter and others. Here’s how the title tag’s code is written:


<Title>your title here</title>


How can you write compelling title tags?

You need to write compelling title tags that will, in turn, boost your site’s ranking. Here’s how to write title tags.

What is the Meta Description?

It provides a short summary of your content found on the web page. It influences the click-through rates when the search engine shows it in the search results. The Meta description is a chance that gives the visitor a convincing reason to click through to your web page. It gives more space to tell the people what you have to offer than title tags which have very limited space.


Here is an example of a Meta description of a fashion page that appears in search engine results:

Want to know more about the latest fashion trends? Find all the latest fashion news, celebrity styles, designer interviews, fashion trends, red card moments, and more here.

How can you write compelling Meta descriptions?

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