Webmaster Services

     Not only do we offer professional SEO Services, but we also provide low-cost Webmaster Services. I have years of experience as a Computer Programmer, IT Manager, Web Designer, Web Developer, and Webmaster, and I love my job! SEO After Coffee currently serves as Webmaster and SEO specialist for numerous companies in the upstate and nationwide.

     Many business websites become outdated. Sites become like this when the business owner doesn’t have the time or skills to perform website maintenance. Some businesses don’t have enough in their budget to hire a staff webmaster. We know how much you value both your time and money. Allow me to introduce a cost-saving method to keep your website up-to-date and more. I offer several support services to fit your website needs.

  • Manage your website content.
  • File Optimization, up-loads.
  • Plug-In Updates (WordPress)
  • Custom Coding for .html sites.
  • Website Backups.
  • Security Checks.
  • Emergency Hack Recovery.

What can a Webmaster do for me?

    As a webmaster, anything you might need to do for your website, I can do for you, either as a one-time arrangement or I can continue as your webmaster for as long as you need me.

     My webmaster services started when I realized that a growing number of website owners have no idea where their original web design and development company has gone. They have no one to contact to give them support on their website, email, or IT needs.
By contacting SEO After Coffee we can help you with your needs.

     For as little as 25 dollars a month, you can have your website maintained monthly, giving you peace of mind. At the end of each month, I will send you a webmaster report covering everything you need to know about your website. This package includes:

  • Site Backup
  • Keep current files, themes and plug-ins up-to-date (A WordPress must)
  • Security Checkup
  • Make sure everything is working like it should.
  • Discount on Emergency Services.


Let us help you today.