The primary element of an effective SEO practice is researching and identifying the right keywords. And it’s even more rewarding when you capitalize on trending keywords that people are currently talking about on many internet platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Targeting trending keywords is fruitful, but how do you find such keywords? This brief article will take you through it all. We’ll learn the many ways through which you can easily find trending keywords to elevate your current business practice. Let’s start.

Keyword Trending in SC
Keyword Trending

Eight Surefire Ways to Find Trending Keywords:

While a couple of decades ago, finding the relevant keywords used to be an impossible task, times have changed. It is effortless for someone to monitor live trends and optimize your content to be compatible with them. Try the below listed to start:


Twitter was the first to include live trends inside the app and on the website for everyone to see. These trends effectively describe what people are talking about or interested in at the current moment. Harvesting keywords from these trends can benefit you as thousands of people are already talking about related stuff. Of course, you may want area-specific trends or global ones. Luckily, Twitter has an option to filter global and local trends seamlessly. 

For example, if you’re living in South Carolina, you can tailor those trends to match your specific area and find topics of discussion that are currently popular there. Similarly, you can change the filter to worldwide trends, allowing you to address the global audience.

Google Trends is a remarkable tool for businesses to identify trending keywords. It considers many factors while ranking similar words, and the main idea behind Google Trends is understanding dynamic user behavior. You can use the analytics and invest in keywords that are most relevant and popular. And since there are 25 separate categories to explore, you’ll never run out of research.

Additionally, you can explore the depths of these trends using geographical locations such as country or state names. This way, you’ll restrict your research to the most relevant audience. For example, if you operate in South Carolina, you can search for ‘your services’ in that state for highly targeted effort.

Social Mention:

Social Mention is a free-to-use keyword research tool that revolves around finding relevant user content on popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. The unique thing about this online tool is that it harvests information from reputable social platforms and keeps an eye on all websites generating user-created content. This way, you have all the required details on the volume and popularity of currently trending topics. 

You can also connect with an influencer on Social Mention if you want. Influencers can help market your product/services for you, and since they have an established audience, you get marketing benefits. When choosing an influencer, your company or brand must match their personality or general content outlook. 


Reddit is an immense platform where continuous arguments on every topic globally are a complete norm. The posts that receive a lot of attention (in the form of upvotes and awards) feature on the main page of Reddit. By studying the homepage, you can quickly identify what trending topics and what conversations are getting the most attention. This way, you’ll have multiple relevant keywords ready for exploitation.

Great practice on Reddit is exploring the never-ending list of subreddits, especially those related to your business niche. These pages offer critical insights about dedicated topics, breaking them down in extraordinary detail. If you are interested in finding relevant subreddits, you can search here.


We all know Buzzfeed as the source of the spiciest news on the internet. But how did they achieve this reputation? For starters, they capitalized on exploiting the current information to deliver tailored content. So it is safe to say that Buzzfeed knows how to identify the right trends. 

Luckily, all the trending topics are in a list displayed on one side of the homepage. You can study the list and extract relevant trends and keyword ideas to incorporate into your work. Buzzfeed made a name for themselves by choosing the most click-worthy titles that grab the attention of even the coldest audience. 


Keyhole is a replication of Google Alerts, but for hashtags. It offers an all-in-one tool that monitors hashtags across the many social media websites, sending you alerts for the relevant ones. This way, you have an automated system that notifies you about the critical trends, so you’re always up to date.

A great practice can be employing an individual to overview activity on the chosen keywords throughout the universe of social media. This person can identify issues, complaints, compliments, and more, paving the way for a personalized communication channel with your audience.


If you’re looking to create a marketing campaign or hold a unique contest to boost customer engagements, Agorapulse can come in handy. You can manage your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts while creating custom queries relevant to the targeted keywords. This way, you can monitor your activity and identify high-performing and low-performing posts to optimize your current practice.


Topsy, a reliable platform for motivated marketers, is the last item on our list. They provide you with meta-data specific to a target keyword such as time, date, and place. You can also set alerts and monitor the current or previous activity for a better overview. For example, if an annual event is around the corner, you can search for past dates and places to identify keywords that would be a nightmare to extract using any other tools.


The above-given options are more than enough for you to establish a system that can continuously generate trending keywords related to you. However, each option has a unique selling proposition. So it is best to become a master of few and ultimately put your efforts into them, rather than trying to conquer it all.

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