This blog doesn’t have anything to do with SEO, Web Design or the internet. I wanted to add a small personal story for once and if you like it maybe even more.

Memories always seem to come whenever they feel like it. I was at the local grocery store the other day, pushing my cart and grabbing what we needed. I turned to go down the next aisle, and there were the shelves of water. Natural Water, Distilled Water, CPAP Water (Distilled water only more expensive), Seltzer water, and of course Spring Water. I stopped and leaned against the cart and went into memory land.

Spring Water

The Family Road Trip

Around 1966 we were off to the yearly family reunion in Sullivan, Missouri. It was another excellent trip with Mom and Dad. My Dad worked for the Missouri Forestry Department and seemed to know where everything was hiding in the woods in the whole state of Missouri. He would pull off the road’s side and show me a cave or a grove of trees from the State Forestry Nursery in Licking, Missouri. Mom was never excited about him pulling over and seeing or showing things. It was great for me. I got to see something, learn about what Dad was showing me, and some of those good old made-up stories he was so good at about the thing or area.

While driving down the road, Dad asks me if I was thirsty. I said I could use something to drink, and Mom said, can’t you two wait until we get to the park. Suddenly, Dad pulled off to the side of the road, what little bit of side there was back then. He told me to get out and started to lead me into the woods. We only walked a few minutes, and there was this little waterfall going into a small creek. Dad told me, son, this is a spring. It is nature’s best water. He went on to explain about springs and how I should always respect Mother Nature’s gifts. I’m sure he had a good story of Indians, Hobos (that is, homeless people for you young readers), or maybe even Jesse James would stop there and get a drink.

The Spring Water drink.

He cupped his hands and filled them with that spring water, and took a drank. He then told me to go ahead and cup my hands and do the same. It was so cold but also so good. We both stood there, took several more handfuls of the spring water, and then returned to the car and continued to our destination.

I smiled at those bottles and jugs of water and thought to myself; there was nothing as good on those shelves as those handfuls of Spring Water with my Dad!

This blog is dedicated to Ray L. Miller.

The article was written by Larry O Miller of SEO After Coffee. All rights reserved. 3/31/2021

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