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What is

Search Engine Optimization or SEO Services?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services improves your website so it will rank higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Most of all web searchers don’t look past page 1 of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. for what service or product they are looking to purchase. Often they don’t even scroll down on lower results as evidenced by the high number of clicks that go to the top page results.

SEO isn’t just about building a website for search engines. It’s about building a website for people. That is what search robots are looking for while scraping the world wide web. SEO After Coffee works to deliver traffic through search results when consumers are looking for your type of business.

Why do you need SEO?

After having a great website, mobile-friendly, and user friendly, SEO is the next vital step to get customers visiting your site. If you wait too long, the harder and more time it will take to get your ranked along with your competitors. We like to work with companies that want to dominate their niche. Therefore, SEO After Coffee or other companies like ours, all those top positions in your niche, your competitors will be listed.

The vast majority of web traffic comes from just 3 search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Increased traffic from major search engines gives you more exposure, customers, and revenue unlike anything else. That’s why investing in SEO can deliver an exceptional rate of return compared to other forms of marketing.

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