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I'm not found on the major search engines!

Unless I type in my Company name or my URL, I cannot find my company on the major search engines.

I want them to type in what I have to offer them locally, and my website shows up on the 1st page or the map.

Here at SEO After Coffee, we understand both statements above. We had lived them ourselves when we started years ago. SEO After Coffee can help you achieve your goal of getting seen on Major Search Engines in Greer SC.

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If you are looking for local customers in the Greer area to find your business, you need an up-to-date local SEO plan!

With local SEO, our team utilizes cutting edge optimization strategies to make your website visible in search engine result pages for local search queries. If your business is coming from local consumers, then you need a well-implemented local SEO plan.

Local SEO VS Traditional SEO

SEO (micro definition) is about identifying your target audience, knowing what and where they’re searching in online search engines, putting your business in front of them (ahead of your online competitors), and compelling them to take action. When using all the elements above makes for a successful local SEO Campaign.

Local SEO marketing agency techniques go towards succeeding in local searches, while traditional SEO optimizes searches over a larger area, like an entire state, country, or even globally. If you’re a local business not implementing local SEO strategies yet, don’t delay. Let SEO After Coffee help you Greer SC business.

Local Search Is on the Rise

46% of Google searches are local. 50% of users who did a local search on their phone contacted the business within the same day. 34% who used a computer or tablet did the same.

A highly effective way to grow your business online is by achieving better local search rankings.

This can be done by using Local Citations, Backlinks, Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, Content, Blogs and more. Give us a call today.

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In every industry, a significant number of business owners don’t employ local professional SEO services. Don’t be one of them. Call today.

Professional Competition Analysis ia part of our  Local SEO Package.