Standing out from the competition has much importance for your business growth. But if your website isn’t in the first ten searches on Google and your competitors’ website is shining on Google page one, you might be frustrated with how they rank higher in SERPs than me.

Higher Google ranking doesn’t happen by chance, and it is the result of constant efforts and the right SEO strategy. In the past, most website owners used black hat SEO to get on the first page of Google. Nowadays, Google ranks those web pages that genuinely help the users. Here, we will discuss why your competitors are better at SEO and outrank the competition.

Why are my competitors ranking higher on Google?

Rank Higher than Competitor

Your competitor ranks higher in Google is because they craft in-depth and relevant content for their websites. Moreover, authoritative and credible websites have strong backlinks linked to their content. Google itself has over 200 algorithms that determine your ranking. Suppose your competitors are ranked higher in search than you. In that case, their web pages have better backlink profiles, provide a better user experience on their website and create content that matches the user search intent better. Let’s explore the reasons your competitors outrank you in Google.

Your Competitors have optimized online assets.

An optimized Google Business Profile (formally Google My Business) plays a crucial role in ranking you better on search engines. A profile with fewer reviews than yours might have a better ranking due to their other optimized online assets. SEO is not all about Google Business Profile. However, it is more than that, and you should have other optimized assets to rank above your competitor’s website. Excellent optimization includes directory listings, social media profiles, and your website. All these assets will send a signal to Google about your business. If your competitors have an incomplete business listing but are strong in other areas, they might outrank you.

Your Competitors have Strong backlinks profiles:

If you have a strong backlink profile, Google considers this factor to rank your website. A strong backlink profile or off-page SEO means a credible websites link to your website. Your competitors may have relevant backlinks pointing to their website landing page, which undoubtedly improves their overall search engine ranking. 

Moreover, they may have links pointing to some specific web pages, which boosts the performance of those pages. High-quality backlinks increase the visibility of their online assets and improve their website ranking in search engines. They could have many backlinks to one web page or backlinks to many different pages on their website. Or they have a few backlinks from a widely-trusted website that help them beat you in the search results.

Your Competitors have relevant, more in-depth content.

Better, relevant, and more in-depth content on the keywords you want to rank is the main reason why your competitors rank better in search engines. For a higher Google ranking, your website content should be high-quality, relevant, and helpful for the readers. If you see the top Google ranking of your competitors, this is because of the writing of high quality and relevant content. With high content relevance, your competitors satisfy the specific search queries of your target audience.

 Your competitors’ business name includes targeted keywords.

Keywords are the search phrases that your target audience type into Google search when they need any information, service, or product that you are offering. The presence of keywords in the listing or website helps search engines categorize it. The location of keywords and their frequency also help Google determine their relevance. If your competitor’s business name includes targeted keywords, they have enough advantage to rank better in Google. 

The competitor provide a better website experience to the users.

With the evolution of the internet, the demands of consumers have also changed. Gone are the days when users wait for a minute or two for page loading. Nowadays, it is a big no-no. Now users want everything to be at their fingertips in no time when they request it. So providing a better website experience to the users is the secret formula to rank higher in search results. 

Your users might not have the patience to wait for a minute to load your web pages, even if you have high-quality and relevant content. It might not be a significant ranking factor in the short term, and your website still appears high in Google. When it comes to its effect over a long time, Google collects data with users leaving your site before loading the page. These behavior signals inform search engines which website should rank higher. 

Your competitors have a more substantial brand presence.

 If your competitors have a strong brand presence, their websites are ranked better in SERPs than you. People naturally are more inclined to open those websites that belong to big or trusted brands. Brands that have been in business for a decade or more are likely to get more traffic quickly for some keywords. To outrank your competitors, you might put more effort into ranking at the very top. Google loves those businesses that have been around for decades because it indicates how long a company has existed. 

 However, the top ranking is a sign of authenticity and credibility. The priority of search engines is to offer more helpful content to the users, so the website’s age becomes a factor determining the trustworthiness of the content that a company website provides. The search engine is big into trust, which means if a website has been around for a while, it may display this site in results than a newer website. 

Bottom Line:

Now that you have answers to ‘why is someone ranked higher than me.’ Now it’s time to make a solid SEO strategy that helps boost your business above your competition in Google. Google’s algorithm centers on trust and quality. If your website is not showing up as high as you want in SERPs, make it as informative as possible for your current and potential customers. It may take some time, but once your SEO strategy starts to take effect, it will boost your Google ranking and help you beat your competitors. 

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