No Guaranteed SEO Services: Working with a firm that guarantees SEO services may appear to be the best option, but it usually causes more harm than good. It’s nearly impossible to get ranked on the first page of Google or Google Maps in a few weeks or months. Any agency that’s guaranteeing this in South Carolina or any other region of the world is a scam, and they ARE making false claims. 

Want to know more on why you should avoid SEO guarantees? Follow along! 

What Are Guaranteed SEO Services?

What are Guaranteed SEO services? It’s a guarantee of a specified outcome, such as first-page rankings for a set amount of keywords.

If they cannot accomplish the promised results, the company offering an SEO guarantee will give you your money back, free SEO services for a set period, or another offer.

SEO guarantees frequently specify a particular timeline in which the SEO service will deliver the outcomes. The offer seems legit, but it’s not. Even if the agency can accomplish what it has promised, there are good chances of employing SEO scams or many black hat techniques to forge the results. After the end of the contract, this agency is likely to disappear. After a while, you will realize your website has taken a significant hit, and now it’s penalized, or some other reputational damages exist. 

Why Should You Stay Way From Guaranteed SEO Services?

It’s clear that guaranteed SEO Services are a scam but why? Why should you stay away from this claim? Here are some solid reasons:

Search Engines Warn Against It

One of the main reasons to avoid SEO guaranteeing agencies is that Google, the search engine giant, warns against it.

According to Google’s Beginner’s SEO documentation, your potential SEO should be able to provide you with an estimate of improvement. If someone promises you that their SEO optimization would help you rank on the first page, you should look for another agency to do your SEO.

It’s Beyond Control 

SEO firms do not have direct control over search engine rankings. As a result, making big promises about something the agency has little control over is not worth listening to.

Nobody outside of Google (including the company’s employees) knows what goes on behind the scenes. Years of research have only yielded a tiny amount of information for SEOs. Google works to improve user experience. Google Algorithms change to allow this.

Furthermore, several elements beyond an agency’s control, such as your company’s reputation or competition, which essentially indicates how many of your keywords are targeted by other authority websites, are uncontrollable.

Ranking Is a Poor Metrics of Performance

Rankings are not the same as traffic. The rise in search engine traffic and the rate at which that traffic executes the specified actions on your site are both excellent indicators of a successful SEO campaign. Rankings are nearly usually a means to an aim rather than the destination itself.

Clients with a strong business strategy and excellent content or services want engaged visitors who come through search engines because they’ve expressed a need to meet the website. Yes, being #1 will get you more traffic than any other spot in the search results, but a strategy that solely focuses on boosting rankings has wrecked many campaigns.

The goal should always be to increase search traffic, indicating that the SEO agency South Carolina is performing its job. Getting ranked on a few top keywords is more important than overall search traffic. Remember that 70 percent of search volume occurs towards the tail of the demand curve, where there is usually a lot more low-hanging fruit to be located.

Some Level of Black Hat Tactics Are Involved.

Many organizations claiming guaranteed SEO services use black-hat methods, which Google frowns on. Black hat strategies are unethical methods of ranking better on search engines. If Google discovers it, you will have to bear some harsh penalties.

Black Hat SEO

Most agencies no that Black-hat SEO techniques are no longer working. A decade ago, you could have easily fooled Google’s algorithm and climbed to the top of the SERP. Today, Google has outsmarted us! Black hat tactics are easy to have your website rankings decline or remove from Google’s Indexing!

Even if a black-hat SEO firm can trick Google and boost your rankings immediately, you’ll lose them as soon as the activity catches Google’s attention. Never let this happen to your precious website. Stay away from SEO scams that use Black hats!

It Can Harm Your Business 

Guaranteed SEO services aren’t risk-free. So, isn’t it better to look for another agency if you don’t get the expected results?

You may change agencies at any time. A lot of agencies offer NO Contracts, so either party can part ways. However, if you deal with an agency that employs black-hat techniques, the amount of time it takes to heal from the damage could be very costly and a long one.

Working with the wrong agency can result in irreversible damage to your company. Your ranking may drop for an extended period and fall far below where it is now. Always avoid agencies that want to tie you into a long-term contract.

SEO Takes Time

SEO is a time-consuming and complicated procedure. Because so many elements influence rankings, it’s impossible to complete in the time promised by these companies (a few weeks or months) —no matter how much experience or tools they claim to have. You can’t put a timeline on SEO because it’s a long-term approach.

A competent SEO company builds the quality and trust of a good site over time, with unique content and search engine-friendly web pages. SEO Firms that promise fast results, Page 1 Rankings, or Google Map 3-Pack may be shady agencies.

Don’t put your website at risk by signing up for “guaranteed SEO services” because they are NOT REAL!

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