When it comes to the internet, there are so many benefits we’ve gained ever since its advent. None, however, can compare to Google. Google is simple, minimalistic, and incredibly powerful, and it’s where we turn to for the answer to all of our questions. So, it makes sense that entrepreneurs want to use this tool to their advantage. When users search for anything related to your field, you want the first name that crops up to be yours. If you’re having some difficulty mastering google, fear not. Blog SEO is the answer to shooting your website to the top of the results page. Keep reading below to find out more. –How do blogs help your SEO ranking

Keep people engaged for longer.

Your ranking is the position your website has on any search engine’s results page. This ranking has several factors, but the most important is your level of engagement. Dwell time tells google just how relevant your website is to the keywords the user searched. Understandably, if someone comes to your website from a blog post, they’ll stay for a longer time, which will help boost your ranking. The longer your post, the longer people will stay to read the whole thing, thus increasing your dwell time and ranking.  

Blogging helps keep your website updated.

If you click on a website that looks incredibly dated, you aren’t likely to want to work with that company or even stay on the webpage for too long. When you have an active blog, you can stay up to date. This factor is also important to Google, as the search engine favors websites that are updated continuously. The easiest way of adding to your website is by blogging, and this can help you get noticed by Google’s algorithms.

Target each keyword effectively.

Keywords are the main component of Google search results and are commonly known as the search terms that users input. When creating your website and adding product or service descriptions, you’ll want to add some keywords. However, without a blog, you can lose out on adding long-tail keywords. These keywords are generally four or more words long and can be tricky to add to short product descriptions. However, in a blog post, you can accommodate all sorts of keywords and make your website more relevant, thus boosting your SEO ranking.

Blogging gets your brand noticed

Through blogs, you can reach a greater audience than you could with just your website. This can lead to your brand being mentioned and linked more often, which shows Google that your brand is well-liked and relevant to the keywords.

It can be challenging to add many relevant internal links directly to your website, but you can add many relevant internal links with blog posts. Over time, your anchor text can help better define Google your connection with the keywords.


Blogs can be the most significant way for you to connect with your target audience and get the highest google ranking. They are simple enough to add and are a fantastic way of keeping your website updated and fresh and maintaining a high-ranking position.

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How do blogs help your SEO ranking

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