Does Facebook have SEO value?: Starting your Facebook page, you have spent time making sure you optimize it perfectly. You use specific keywords for your posts; keep best practices of SEO in mind when doing anything to your page. Disappointment may come after you look for results. You may think that Google and other major search engines don’t care about your Facebook page! Is there no value in using SEO for social media? Don’t get rid of your Facebook page just yet. Remember, it has approximately 1.4 billion users daily. Just take a little breather for brand awareness, keep your customer relationships up, and give them updates, news, etc. Facebook is terrific for that. Therefore, social platforms do not directly affect SEO and are not a significant factor in ranking high on the major search engines.


SEO and Facebook

Google does have a relationship with Facebook, but it is much different than Google has with your website. Facebook information is not taken much into account when search robots crawl the Internet. Google does index some of your posts, but the overall SEO power appears to be minimal. The following metrics do not influence rankings or SEO.


Mom loves it, friends like it, and your marketing firm loves it when they like your posts. However, Google doesn’t care. They can’t tell where any of those likes were acquired. Was the “like” from a vital internet business or the kid down the street? Since Google doesn’t know, it will just ignore the “like” and move to the next step.


Look, you got shares on that last post; again, shares do not increase page credibility or position in Google’s eyes. Maybe the shares were just between friends and nothing of relevance.


There is nothing wrong with a large following on Facebook or any other social platform). Followers show you have customers that like your

business, and it is an excellent tool for sharing news and updates about your business. However, not so much help for the search rankings. There is no actual study that indicates a boost of followers will impact SEO. My client had significant growth of about 200+ people in 3 weeks (Paid Advertising Ad), and there was no rise in his rankings.

If you have spent a lot of time, money, and energy trying to optimize your Facebook page, the above probably sounds terrible. However, you will gain a few things:

The Google robots may not be indexing your post regularly; your page and SEO are somewhat tied together. It is a kind of old-time networking. People visit your website more due to your SEO Campaign. Most websites link their social media pages on the top, in the navigation, or at the bottom of their home page. Many visitors will likely visit your page. If all goes great (hopefully), they will become followers of your social media page and then share your information with their followers and friends. 

The opposite also happens; they may see your Facebook page and then click. On the link to your website, which in return will get another person interested in your services or products. I’m not saying get rid of your social media platforms because they help little with SEO. Use them to put as much valuable information to your customers and others.

Article by: Larry O Miller for SEO After Coffee, 3/17/2021. Greenville SC

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