SEO Case Study

Coaching Case Study

The Show Up Coach

Coaching Case Study: SEO After Coffee helped “The Show Up Coach(Executive Coach) that had a poor appearance and low website traffic. They wanted to show up in 5 major cities in the United States but headquartered in Montana. Therefore, we helped them optimize their website, fix errors, build custom landing pages for those cities, creating original content, keywords, and improve their Google My Business listing. We were able to help them rank in all five towns on page 1* using Organic Search Terms. They are currently* in the 3-pack for Montana.

* As of Jan 2, 2021

Website by: Owner using UnStack builder.
URL Age: <1 year
Google My Business: Verified by Owner
SEO at startup: None
Google 3-Pack – No Listing (Not on google map)
Google Page Ranking – None (Started ranking in 1st month)


The Show Up Coach needed to increase their organic traffic to improve client acquisition in 5 major cities. They had a significant amount of competition in the areas and needed a way to increase their online presence and brand awareness.

Business Coaching

The Solution:

Local SEO

We increase interest in their target market through Nationwide SEO. By reaching out to potential customers in their location vicinity, we could increase engagement with a real customer base. We developed landing pages for each city they wanted to rank.

Google My Business

We updated and maintained a presence on Google My Business for this business. This way, potential customers were more likely to find their business and have the right information to reach out to with inquires.

Content Creation

We added several pages to their website with unique content that detailed what they had to offer in coaching. By utilizing targeted keywords, we could drive even more traffic to their website through these pages.

Google Ranking Charts
SEO Rank


  • Coaching Case Study Jan 2021
  • Increased web traffic results by 118% due to an increase in unique content available
  • Developed a digital marketing strategy that was more focused on the key demographics they requested.
  • Enhanced their Google My Business listing to better engage with potential customers.
  • Ranked in Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City and Denver. (1st page with some Page 2 bouncing)
  • Total Months: 5  (Client is now taking over to maintain)

Coaching Case Study:  Prepared by: Larry O Miller for SEO After Coffee. Files, Screenshots, etc. on file.