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Civet Cat Kopi Luwak Coffee

What is Kopi Luwak coffee?

Coffee from Cat poop! Kopi Luwak is an expensive coffee drink made from the Asian Palm Civet eating and excreting the beans. This process creates

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SEO Chart and Coffee

What is Organic Search

What does Organic Search mean? Organic search a.k.a. natural search refers to as the unpaid search results. On the contrary, paid search or PPC (pay-per-click

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Ransom for Website

Quit holding websites hostage!

“Website Ransom”..what! Another business person contacted me this weekend and wanted me to take over his website and SEO services. He wanted me to re-design, host,

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Wordpress SEO Admin

SEO Admin Privileges

Setting Up Your WordPress Website for Success: SEO Admin Privileges Web design and development companies that create WordPress sites are all too familiar with the above problem. You

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