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Is your business getting lost on the World Wide Web?

Does it seem that no one is finding your website on the internet other than friends and family?

However, your competitors seem to be everywhere, but you’re not seeing your business?

You want to reach out to prospective clients, talk to them about what you have to offer, or submit a bid. I understand that completely.

I’ve helped startups and small businesses like yours get ranked on the major search engines since 2011. I’m sure together, we can develop an excellent campaign that will get you ranked alongside your competitors. SEO Company Greenville SC

Why Choose ?

Current and Up to Date

  • The SEO landscape is constantly changing. Because of this, what applied some years ago in terms of ranking websites might not apply today. We at SEO After Coffee are always on top of the situation: we keep up on changing algorithms of major search engines and, as such, know what the current SEO landscape. With this knowledge, we can always get our client’s sites to rank on major search engines.


  • One of the hallmarks of SEO marketing is that it is cost-effective and has a great ROI. Because of this, SEO marketing is one of the best investments that businesses can make. SEO After Coffee has a track record of getting results for our clients. And the good news is that we are affordable.

Proven Results

  • The purpose of all marketing, whether traditional or contemporary, is to increase sales. With us handling your SEO marketing strategy, we will place your business directly in front of those who need your services and products. With this, you can expect sales to rise and your bottom-line to increase. We will keep you informed on how many visitors you are getting, what page is the most important, and more in our monthly reports. Google Ranking, Bing Ranking, and more.


  • We provide encompassing SEO services. We consider every aspect  available to develop a superior strategy that will deliver the desired results. Our team takes pride in your business and want to see you succeed.
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Nationwide Clients

Nationwide SEO Clients
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Let's Get You Ranked

1:  Contact us for a Free Consultation.

2:  SEO After Coffee will run a complete Site Audit.

3:  We will develop an SEO Campaign that fits your Company and Industry.

4:  Your company will start ranking and getting organic search traffic.  

You spent money on your website. Why not let people see it.

By avoiding Digital Marketing your site has no purpose unless you are sending people there to look at a gallery, spec sheets or read about your company.  No visitors = No Sales.

With the right SEO Campaign you can grab those missed visitors. 

Let SEO After Coffee put together a campaign and get ranked.

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Some Things you'll get from SEO After Coffee

  • Professional Website Audit Report
  • No Overseas outsourcing!
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Full Transparency on your campaign with reports.
  • A team that cares!
  • Ranked!
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What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of generating exposure to your brand through organic (or unpaid) search engine results and increasing the quality and quantity of the generated traffic. In simple terms, it involves the process used to improve your site to increase its visibility during online searches.

How will organic SEO traffic help my business?

Imagine someone in your local area needs a service or product. Prospective clients will log on to Google, Bing, or Yahoo and search for what they need. With SEO, your business will show up in the search results they get.

However, search results can number in the thousands, so just appearing in them does not guarantee sales. Over 90% of pages do not get any traffic from Google. That is where we come in. With our expertise, we can help your pages rank in a way that will bring results. If a prospective client finds your business on Google’s first page, there is a 73% chance of being contacted. And if they reach you, you are one step away from winning a new customer and getting more sales. That is how Organic SEO “near me” traffic can help your business.

Do you remove our links, blogs if we cancel the service?

NO! Unlike some national services (I’m sure you’ve had the calls or emails), we do not undo anything we have done for your company.

You keep all Local Citations, Links, Landing pages, content, blogs, optimizations performed on and off-page. You paid SEO After Coffee for it, so you keep it!

SEO Company Serving:

A SEO Company proudly serving: Greenville SC, Greer, Spartanburg, Simpsonville, Taylors, Anderson, Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte NC, Asheville, Hendersonville and more. National Clients in: CA, TX, KS, MO, WA, MT, FL, GA, NC, SC, MI, NJ. Help us fill the US map in. Call today and allow us to be your SEO Company. Army Veteran Proud!

Owner, Palmetto Can Cleaning
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A+/5⭐️ Lets 🌮 bout This Service!!! Outstanding optimizing our website, implementing new strategies to make our services attractive over any other in the market. Provides ideas to introduce and increase conversion. Absolute amazing tech support service!! Excellent work building, updating, and maintaining website!!!
Thomas Robertson
Thomas Robertson
Owner, Chemical Company
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So glad I decided to invest in Search Engine Optimization and found SEO After Coffee. On their website it says "Get Ranked" and they did it. From somewhere on the worldwide web to 1st page using several search words for our chemical company. I recommend SEO After Coffee 100%. Also they have great and fast communications via email, texting and phone. Let Larry over there help you "Get Ranked".
Cheryl L.
Cheryl L.
Owner, Pet Sitting Company
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Larry just completed a beautiful, professional website for my business. He was very patient with me and was meticulous in listening to what I needed for my business. He is very knowledgeable in knowing how to get a website noticed and ranking high on search engines. I highly recommend him especially to anyone who may be trying to put together a website for your business and don't know where to start. He guided me through the process and I learned a lot of valuable information!
Nationwide SEO Clients

Let's meet at your local coffee shop to discuss your ranking needs. Virtual Coffee meetings available.